Himalayan Singing Bowls and Gong therapies 

Kundalini Sound & Healing Centre located in Thamel in Kathmandu offers therapies

and courses based on the sound of these ancestral instruments.

Kundalini Sound & Healing Centre

Meditation and Yoga programs 

Salakpur Ashram, situated in the Salakpur valley (Ilam region, Eastern Nepal) is the perfect enclave for meditation retreats. A place charged with purifying energy and surrounded

by nature where you will reach deep physical and emotional well-being by cleansing body and mind.


‘Seeds of Life’ program 

Salakpur Ashram offers the possibility to live according to the natural cycles of the Earth within the warm embrace of the ashram, by taking part in growing and gathering

the native crops grown from organic seeds and without the use of chemical fertilizers. 

Trekking and Yoga 

An attractive and gratifying combination for very active travelers. Each trip is specially designed to meet the needs of the participants. Accompanied by a Nepali yoga teacher and guide, the trip follows different routes through the Himalayas with stops along

the way for yoga asana practice. 


NOTE: Accommodation, food, transfers and activities are included in the price of the programs. Flights and visa costs at Kathmandu airport are the responsibility of the traveler. 

Tourism days in Kathmandu 

As a complementary activity to the different programs, it is possible to extend your stay with visits to Kathmandu city and its most symbolic places:

• Boudhanath: The biggest stupa in Nepal dedicated to Buddha and a pilgrimage

   site for devoted Buddhists and monks

• Pashupatinath: The most important temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

   It is  indispensable to go to the evening ritual by the shores of the river,

   called the Bagmati Ganga Aarati, which starts at 6pm


• Swayambhunath: Popularly known as the Monkey Temple, the temple complex 

   sits atop a hill with steep stone steps leading up to the shrine.

   The location offers wonderful views of the whole city of Kathmandu.

• Durbar Square: One of three royal palace Squares, situated in the centre

   of Kathmandu, with palaces and temples.

• Thamel: Neighborhood in the city centre, full of life, where you will find

   the favorite shops and restaurants of both locals and tourists.

• Asan market: Spices, infusions, craftwork and all kinds of merchandise

  are found along the streets of the main local market in the city.