DLS work includes two projects which aim to promote spiritual development

through education and creativity.

Ugrachandi School 

The school is located in Nala village, 30 km east of Katmandu. The educational centre

was completely rebuilt by volunteers from Amavida NGO after the 2015 earthquakes,

and is attended by pupils between 3 and 15 years old.

The educational objective goes beyond the current traditional orientation of teaching in Nepal. That is why we welcome all teachers who can provide new forms of education and training guidelines, who are eager to collaborate with the local teachers and participate in the daily activities. This experience will transform your stay into a deeply rewarding personal experience. 

It is also a family project, because the parents are invited to participate in their children's formative process beyond the academic world. To reach family harmony in a conscious way is part of a shared development. In addition, families in economic scarcity are helped.

Itahari Centre for Women Autonomy and Development 

The purpose of the Itahari Centre is to encourage creativity inherent to female qualities.Thirty six women (and the number is increasing) between 18 and 30 years old spend several hours per day making beautiful pieces of craftwork designed by themselves and made with stones and metals from Nepal. 

The benefits of the sale go back into the project and support the women's education,

as well as the education of other women linked to the project

Itahari Centre for Women Autonomy and Development